Friday, August 21, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

WOW the creative bug has bit me once again, but in a new scrapbooking! This is something I was very leery about when I first heard about it. I adore traditional scrapbooking, and I truly didn't think this was something that I would ever be interested in, but never say never! For the past few days I've been searching all over the internet for free digital kits, and boy did I find them!

I would love to give credit to everyone, but honestly I lost track of where I got all of the kits from. I downloaded several of them from two peas in a bucket, free digital scrapbooking, and shabby princess, but I think some of my favorite that I have found so far come from Honey Designs. Two peas in a bucket has a HUGE selection of free items, and is a great place to start if your new to digital like I am! ~thanks Melina for letting me know about them~

Here are some of the pages I have done over the past few days....I hope you enjoy them!!!

My very first digital scrapbook page!

Melina and I

Allison lost another tooth!

I made this one especially for Grannie. xoxo

I will be posting more as I create more, but I think I might make a seperate blog for my digital scrapbooking. I'll keep you posted!